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We are the founders and promoters of PET-Yield.

Established in 2014, Accucolour Ltd have assembled a strong team of industry experts. The combined skillset of all team members is focused entirely on the company mission.

We are uniquely positioned on the island of Ireland, where a mature plastics component market exists, and new industry initiatives are the norm.

All major P.E.T melt processors have a subsidiary of associate manufacturing outlets in Ireland. This scope of P.E.T manufacturing output is much larger and more diverse enabling a gateway to global markets. Most P.E.T melt processed / Manufactured output is therefore exported from Ireland.

Our Mission

Accucolour Ltd. seek to influence the melting / processing of P.E.T in such a manner as to reduce energy input / increase output standardisation and reduce carbon footprints.

P.E.T Fiber Spinning

Fiber spinning is used for polymers that can be melted. The polymer solidifies by cooling after being extruded from the spinneret.

P.E.T Extrusion

Pellets or granules of the solid polymer are fed into an extruder. The pellets are compressed, heated and melted by an extrusion screw, then fed to a die which forms a extruded sheet for subsequent vacuum forming of food trays.

P.E.T Injection Moulding

Injection molding is a fast, high-volume, closed process. In the creation of PET containers, the first stage is the creation of a moulded Pre-Form. This Pre-Form is subsequently reheated and "blown" into a finish PET bottle / container.

Meet the Team

where talent meets ambition.


Dave McKeown

Director / Promoter

Douglas Craig

Director / Promoter

Kirsten McLoughlin

Chief Scientific Officer

Sai Kumar

IT - Software Manager
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